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All in all, a real rapper like Clifford Smith should do a rap as he does claim he is the Method Man that shows the real facts on weed to the faggot british politicians.

It will explain the 2 main factors in weed and psychosis.

1. The stupid idiots smoking it

2. The fact that british weed is usually grown by some chink flooding it (poor plants) with chemicals to make it grow quicker and bigger (unnaturally of course) thus making it an unpleasant smoke.

hmm i've lost my train of thought, but at least i'm right and it's also right to want to correct the views of the faggot british and their views on weed

i mean SHEESH Roger Blake believes theres 2 types of weed... Weed and 'Skunk' the super potent version... LOL!!!

Look up Medical Marijuana on google you ginger prick
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