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At times people like Alex Jones must wonder why others won't wake up
The British and American government to put thousands of drones in the sky to spy
But nobody gives a fuck?
It's true,
what if a spy drone 'accidently' crashes into you?
Alex Jones is good at exposin' the truth
But he doesn't read through the lines like me and here's the proof
Why Does Barack Hussein Obama
Rhyme with Iraq, Saddam Hussein Osama?

This means that he was chosen before birth
To come and be the front man for the illuminati on this planet called earth
They do dodgy deals with spirits above
But they aint holy when they have no worth

Satellite technology allows them to read my mind
Insert thoughts, give me chest pain, read my rhymes
But i doubt they like it when i'm exposin' them
On cocaine my thoughts were totally overloadin' them

I pass the time by reading up on the corruption in the government
and also i feel the energys of 2012 and i'm lovin' it
Cus here comes the change, i know it sounds strange
But (soon you'll see) infact it's them who are mentally derranged

2012 could be change, ascension or evolution
But do you think your world leaders believe in this solution?
The souls of man rejuvinated and fresh
Do you think Barack Obama or Bush will be able to ascend? NO!

yo Roger Blake wouldn't know THC from ESP
Let alone computer terminology like HTTP
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