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Originally Posted by Jordan Michaelz View Post
Trades are always going to be there, but the conditions are shit. Why work and bust your ass in a career where:

- your option of having to use the bathroom results in having to use a porter potty in the middle of a 45+ degree weather, that hasn't been changed in about a month, and the lack on sanitary conditions are close to nil.

- You work with uneducated idiots, or convicts who use the word "fuck" like it was their last name throughout the day, get high on the job, get drunk on the job, because it's the only way to keep your sanity.

- The superiors in this line of work are fucking assholes who expect deadlines to be met using an unrealistic mindset, and in a line of work where they want "efficiency" and "quickness" rather than "quality" and "carefulness" it's difficult to comply when their job isn't on the line and ours is.

- overtime is usually a guarantee, and when you don't have the option to pick up dinner, and the last time you ate was 12pm, and you're working until 8pm, and are expected to be back by 6am the next morning, your cranky, pissed off, etc etc is bullshit

^ having that compared to working in an office where its got air conditioning in the summer, heat in the winter, you're seldomly on-call, get paid for sitting at an office where the majority of the time you're playing solitaire, you're almost always guaranteed to be off at 4pm everyday with always havign stat-holidays off and weekends off, have free coffee and tea at the companies expense, decent sanitary restrooms that are cleaned nightly, have catering brought to you regularly through the month, etc etc

I am describing the work conditions from working at RIM Technologies personally, and they have to be the most pampered assholes I've ever seen; why would you work through the alternative when this potentially could be an option, considering in trades you're probably making less than these I.T jag-offs, and you're doing more work than they could ever dream of doing getting paid HALF of that?......

I'd rather be a white collar over a blu collar any-day, unfortunately the white-collar profile is usually an option only assisted by knowing somebody rather than "what" you know
im not talking about going into construction.

if you know how to install roofing, for example, you start off with your family members either for free or for dirt cheap. you do roofing work for them and do a good job at it. they refer you to their friends. they allow them to come over and see your work. they like the work and they contact you to do work for them. you charge them for the work. BAM, you're an en treprenuer making money. as you work up your client base you make more money and are able to invest in your business by buying more and better equipment to do the job.

you wont need to spend money on a storefront. just tools, equipment, and a vehicle to carry it all.
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