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MosHigh crouching tiger

smoke in my eye riding thru the city disgusted
ugly truth once revealed its up to you trust it
i never handle any situation lightly
every since newtonian laws gave me a glimpse of the almighty
come around my way to see the sages of today
motivional speakers who though clever never with the word they play
a G with the gravity when it comes to being the Mos heavy
steady drippin'...each drop anticapted but you're never really ready
i pry open minds just to let Son shine
illuminate the rhyme to assist in the cosmic awareness you're trying to find
equate the quotient the possibilities are infinite
satisfactions with my actions will spark ya filament
perceive whatever you need to achieve enlightenment
but you must believe that its apart of your entitlement...
"Fuck fame... I'll shoot a hole in a 50 cent piece to test my aim." - Masta Killah (One Blood)

"Kiss the pyramid...experiment wit high explosives. I slap box wit Jesus....lick shots at Joseph." - GFK (Daytona 500)
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