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Originally Posted by JASPER BEARDLY View Post
Paul had a torn meniscus, a six week injury
You're correct. The meniscus is cartilage related though.....the ligaments hold the knee joint in place. Paul had get some cartilage removed.

It's good for Rose that he is 23 and not say 29 or 30 because healing becomes much more difficult by that point. Yes, you will trust your knee again, but it's going to take a full heal, rehab and a considerable amount of games on the court before that happens. If Rose loses anything, it's going to be maybe 5% max of what he can do now physically and in that absence he will absolutely become a more cerebral player in the meantime. That's if he even loses that much, which he likely will not.

If you're looking for a super athletic guy who regained that athleticism and tenacity after a bad ACL tear (unhappy triad actually, which despite what someone incorrectly pointed out in this thread is actually acl mcl and meniscus), look no further than Tony Allen who is 100% reliant on his knees being healthy to play the style defense he does.
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