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Big Baby Jesus 666 shaolin monk

one of the side effects of my medication
makes my nerves in my body send mixed up messages and screws up communication
Why is the government preparing for a crisis
Why does Dr Fake want me sedated so i cant type quick

Obama can now override any media to deliver commands
In event of a crisis, god damn this fucked up man
They can kill wutang corp or alex jones sites
Where the truth is spit about the government which gives them a fright

I bet Obamas tap water got no flouride in it
But damn look at Hilary Clinton or Obamas face and see they human qualities diminish
Hilary and Obama need to get a face lift or face the truth
You got power from the devil but he's a fucking poof
The devil showed them power which was really their own
then told them they could have it but they had to give up their soul

Why do they want wireless hubs all over?
"These snakes strike like a cobra"
Unmanned Ariel Vehicles patrol the skies controlled by dimwits
Look at all the security measures for the olympics
Watch the olympics, but how can you have fun?
When theres missile launchers on roofs, a warship and tons of losers with guns??

While the government use Voice 2 skull to slow me
I talk to my command base and act like shinobi
I pass messages to my commander, La-Cinderella
"Quick there's a shotgun hidden in your umbrella"
La-Cinderella is from another dimension
I bet she could whoop the devil and his earthly henchmen
Evil Banksters and Elites cower at her feet
It's time for us to show God our power to dance to the beat
Get ready to bounce

My raps are facts, but they aint creative
Cus Dr Fakes so-called medicine blunts my emotions and i hate it
So say something kicks off with the government behind it
I'll use my new-found creativity to give you a hide-in
You wack ass tyrant
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