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Look, I'm Dr Fake, i'm HAPPY
Look how happy i am, don't hurl hate at me
The Government arent preparing for a crisis in the nation
The missile launchers they're putting on peoples roofs are for decoration
There's a good reason they dont want americans being self sufficient
If they grew their own crops to eat they might need to pay more for a dietitian
The Surveillence systems are because we like you
And we want to see you happy smiling and on a bike too
The government arent using Voice 2 Skull to put voices in your head
That's just you being silly, think happy thoughts instead

Look i'm smiling cus i'm Dr Fake and i see birds
I'm good at left brained things like crosswords
We don't want you to take medication
But it's for the best Ok, Sean?
"Ok Dr Fake, i Agree"
"I Don't care about the side effects, cus medication is side-effect free" YAY!
WOW! We're helping you
Let's learn about assertiveness too
That will help you
That's all we can do

"My uncle thinks i should keep my head out my books aka Fantasy Land
Cus he thinks i should be logical and be subservient aka lesser than"

"Wow, Dr Fake, You're a legend!"
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