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Big Baby Jesus 666 shaolin monk

A crab climbs out the ocean and takes refuge in a poppy field
Dark and mysterious blobs seep through the cracks of a ribbon reel
A shipwreck mysteriously appears in the middle of an old village
Wildlife killings, a wartime pillage
The proceeds of a charity are redirected to a dark force
A burned down bridge miraculously reassembles in a lime court
A skeleton made of bricks made with a future design
He breathes between his ears while altered agents attempt to rhyme
A battle tank made up of lyrics when god said "let there be light"
He proceeded to blow up ranks,.. exclaiming "call me Frank"
The flaming star roughly emerges from nothing
Camoflage intrusions, a few screws loosen, live from the dungeon
"Within these walls", he exclaimed "Our word will reach the shore"
A peg legged heretic clambered through the door

This rhyme is about Frank The Lyrical Tank cus he
before the earth and the universe came to be
and God said "Let there be light."
That was in the lyrical dimension, right?
And the words trickled down into the pysical
And words formed the earth and planets like some form of miracle
I can decypher your DNA in a wide array of ways
Your death is one that pays
My Lyrics form a tank, your soul a monstrous cavity
in hot persuit of energy, you don't want to battle me

A man escapes earths ghastly carousel on salvia
A killer bee reimprints the minds perception of blind deception
To stop a nation, I Kill the Queen, lyrical cannibal at leisure
Just to Swallow a 'ruler' for 'good measure'
An evil dictators wicked ways are too dark to mention
A drunken intruder accidently draws attention
He falls and wrecks the set, and is met
With a thousand evil eyes, he should have crept
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