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Default Aww man i'm on this writing steez right now

Why does Steve Greer look weird?
I'm not saying he's lying, but its hard to trust UFO Advocates who appear queer
Often believers in the UFO phenomenon get dissed
But i say yer a waste of space like if aliens don't exist
Is the government preparing for something at the Olympics?
The obvious is an attack, but i think they're there to scare
And to set up the worlds largest Mind Control operation
Or what about some form of sacrifice for the devils waiting
People don't be scared that evils coming into the open
Cus we're all away to ascend, however some people won't be coping
With the changes, cus they're set in their ways
Your death will be one that pays

Evil cannot ascend into heaven and above
Evil must stay down here and sulk

Ladies and gentlemen, let's get ready to rumble!

** oh yeah i just remembered my other 2 lines that escaped my memory

Most people believe they are their brains
To me this sounds frighteningly strange
I cannot begin to imagine how dumb they are
In the afterlife they wont get very far
The white light will appear but they will not follow
They'd rather stay here until tomorrow and tomorrow

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