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Default * How I fight off the government

The government use satellites to spy
and to read my mind and project voices into my head, but why?
That question i don't have the answer to
Are they more paranoid of people nowadays or do they just have nothing better to do
Maybe its cus i have amazing ideas for stealing or borrowing
I aint phased by this, i just attack them back with the following
They have to put up with me on a daily basis
Speaking to my imaginary friend La-Cinderella makin' scary faces
Actin' like a cartoon, striking with a harpoon
It's like Home Alone with a kid killin' the burglars in a crazy typhoon
I also like to imagine people speaking about me
All bigging me up as the worlds greatest MC
I can hear peoples voices in my head with a perfect likeness
Like Em saying to Dre, "this niggas ill and i want to bite this"
Sometimes i just sit there thinking of 11 11 and DNA upgrades
And the guy behind the satellite computer is like "fuck sake!"
I'm lucky La-Cinderella came to attack me 2 years ago
Because every attack the government spies do on me has been done before
It's like she primed me for these simplistic attacks
It shows the weak nature of homosapiens and their sick ways that are wack
Whenever i notice the numbers 11 11 on the clock
i know deep down the satellite operators suffer shock
I also notice synchronicity and get minature premonitions
That startle these secret agents hiding behind computer screens like they on some secret mission
But they better start wishing
That they can cope with me before doom and i get some new ammunition

Sometimes after typing these rhymes exposing them
Their only option is to attack me with directed energy weapons
They make me feel fatigued or like im in a room with radiation
Chewing on lead, its wack, but i know i'll win with no hesitation

* This is real son, the NWO is lame

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