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Originally Posted by KEARNY ZZYZWICZ View Post
Why are they against nuclear power exactly? Isn't it, when managed properly the cleanest & most efficient power source?

I'm against the spanish & greek protests because they have a crippling debt that needs to be paid. There is no getting around that fact.

Im not against nuclear power, i posted due to the protests occurring there,
they'res much cleaner ways of producing power... (free power, currently in desert areas;that are using reflective glass to trap the power of given off by the sun, i think saudia arabia and egypt are leading the way with this.. even germany have switched from nuclear power to a more renewable source of energy.. they have plans to be fully self sufficient by 2025)

on a related note

the sun produces enoug energy every minute (thats hits the earth) to provide enough power for the whole planet,

the corporations that be, do not want to utalise that energy.. as they wont make CASH/profit... tesla had many patents for free energy.. but they are all owned by general electric now, from the research ive done on ancient cultures.. the items(elements/minerals) they chose to build structures with,, they had an understanding of harnessing the nergy that is already around us in abundance...

your against teh spanish and greek protests? why?? they didnt cause the crash/debt, that was done by BOND holders, who hedged bets, sucked the economy dry, then they blamed the people of greece, even taking the greek people to the human rights court at the united nations..

how can the greeks or spanish pay (with austerity) that is imposed by technocrats? (those from the banking elite)

the reason for the debt is simple.. the bond holders/speculators..

they do legalised fraud.. i posted earlier today in another thread..

here is the quote i really recommend max keiser.. he used to work in wallstreet,,(made high frequency algorithms, which help the fraud) he knows the ins and outs of the fraud commited by the bankers/corporations.. that gets pushed into the public domain.. then normal folk has to pay..

when those elites need to be locked up.

Originally Posted by soul controller View Post
the bond holders commit fraud,. they hedge bad bets, if they win the bets, it profit, if they lose the bets. its dumped on the public...

hence why savings rates are so low.. so speculators can keep doing what they're doing..

teh stimulus packages should be for the average person, who cant find work, pay bills, pay rent, to buy food,

not to top up the gambling debts of the bond holders (who have caused this mess)

^^ really good!

if anyone doesnt understand what ive stated.. please watch these episodes
if you dont want to watch any of them. just please watch this short clip

teh debt is bullshit, they're numbers on computer.. its all about credit..they;re isnt enough physical cash in the world, to pay off the debts..

cash is soley created through debt. the system is at fault.. but why change the system, when you can enslave nations (austerity)

people just need to understand how cash is created.. then you can see the fallacies in this debt/austerity..

the greek/spanish/irish/uk/american/etc debts where not run up by the public.

they was done by the elite. so the elite should have to pay.

every country should do what iceland has done..
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