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Originally Posted by liquidswordchamber36 View Post
writing rhymes till my pencil splinters and paper cracks
latest facts Wu-Tang Killa Bees engulf the globe
pictures tookin by a Russian space probe
we chase gold escape hold of a hidden reality, mind shapin
to update the future ya face and ya spines breakin
earthquakin breath takin amazing stabbin Saten brain invasion
by my gaseous thought expand the nation still waitin
for my chariots UFO's and prophets can't stop it
couldn't master the logic you uncouncious
echoes in my mind we shine and spark rally's
I'm gritty like crippled stray dogs in dark alleys
i was hoping they would feed him meds consistently so he can get his mind back to writing shit like that...but i guess beggars cant be choosy

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