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INMATE#!!!!!! drunken mastaINMATE#!!!!!! drunken mastaINMATE#!!!!!! drunken masta

ra the rugged man is probably reading this thread right now mad as fuck in his burnt out whitey tighties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i imagine ra the rugged man searching "ra the rugged man" on google pretty much all day inbetween posting BS on his twitter page about boxing being a rap legend working on a classic album thatll SUCK and FLOP and wanting to murder ppl that talk about his bitch ass on the net!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the reaction to that little thread was SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!!!!

parents got involved and it was pulled from the net in under 24 hrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fuck they hiding!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?

sorry man...

how many times you gonna be spotted with a kid thats NOT YOURS before someone says something!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!

this dude got a kid filling in lines about german pussy and dick rash on stage out in the czech republic and im the bad guy for asking what the deal is!?!?!?!?!!?!?

BTW that kids parents SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they dont want anybody talking bad on the net about a kid thats chosen to make himself a PUBLIC figure...

but the kid is rapping vinnie paz songs on youtube about killing faggots and rocking medusa touring the world with 40+ yr old rapper creep for no money... THATS FINE!!!!!!!!!! perfectly normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL @ ra picking up the phone to seriously talk about threads on wu corp


LEGENDS NEVER DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im pretty sure the deal was RA would rap on a cilva beat if they got rid of the guy that makes those inappropriate threads!!!!!!!!!!

LOL @ a guy that brags about pulling his dick out taking shits in label offices wanting to murder haters on the net like a faggot
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