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Originally Posted by Mattlocka View Post
Battle who down

The legend of battles is within the art in which I drop ya,heres a story about a kid with a bugged famm and fat father,Mattlocka,nigga couldent even hold his gat propa,drank vodka and splashed it over trailer park tits,lookin for an angle to spit,but before u bump ure angelical lips,Ill split ya fuckin face with 10 Samurai hitz,windmill of blades shave and reform ure age,been contagious with rhymes since that grime built up the graves,in ya local cemetery,illusive spits are weapondary,load tha chamber with darts if u wanna pick up the art of secondary,.....every fuckin seconds scary,when u vibe with the flow,copper wires to my desire strung to tha sides of ya throat,psycho shit like Michael Myers,Halloz ween out ya ghost,destined for death in the flesh im fuckin packin flamethrowerz for toast,that explode..... and rearrange ure frame for a day.Lockmatt out of his own crib while me and his lady friend are just fuckin away,through tha window hes sees her suckin i kno u got sumthin to ill sit back with a bucket to blaze,a cluck n sum shades,freshly shaved,PoLo dipped,so peep the script::ure half my lyrical age, better pray i dont freestyle a whole page,or u can change ya name to hurtlocka,remind me of a middle eastern church doctor,that had his mid life epiphany SpitBoxing with ES666 tha Demonic Earth Monster,

"We discourteous creatures, features of repetitive
feaster's,that pray on the opposite optical of logical people"
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