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As a fan of Wu, I can't wait for this movie! I hope shit's gonna be make in classical way like Shaw Brothers' productions.

But, when I was watching this interview I was thinking: What the fuck has happened with "new" RZA. Damn. I don't feel RZA like this. I prefer to watch the RZA in the "raw edition" if you know what I mean. This shit is ok, but this is not RZA who achieved success in the 90s. This is not even RZA who released 8 Diagrams in 2007 I hope ya know what I mean.

I am also unhappy that RZA invited Kayne & Wiz to this movie. He should make another soundtrack like he did it in the case of Ghost Dog. Why didn't he invite a Wu-Fam members? (Maybe he did so if I'm wrong please tell me)
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