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Smile another poem to the government

they have invited evil to corrupt their soul and tried to fuck mines
next weekend is payback time
these sadistic satellite operators spread disease and imitate demons
but their actions show me its them thats shackled in hell and they're the ones screaming
i feel sorry for these sick queers who imitate voices in the head
brought evil to their heart, pray for them as i spray this lead
every beat of the heart is in tune with an evil rhythm
every thought they think, or action taken can never be forgiven
one by one these suckers begin to question their actions
but they are too wrapped up in this evil who fiends on dishing out disease for satisfaction

i don't like la-cinderella mostly
but she will see me defeat these evil cowards who forced me
to search the inner working of my mind to create this rhyme
a death threat that will come true in time

and la-cinderella can laugh as i thrust my mighty blade into their hearts
a corrupted organ who feels no empathy, one that evil jump starts
their face will carry the plague of hell
they don't believe in god or hell, they joined the government and follow they orders blindly
so where they go, only time will tell

*my ouija board helped me write this rhyme. thank you ouija board
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