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Ruin stupid mcs, unfinished synopsis
Attack your metropolis riding triceratops's
Obnoxious, volcanic monster mount up and slither
I'll smack you like a bear swats a salmon out of a river
Shiver from the touch of frost, slip deeply into a coma
Then I crack your partners head with a bottle of a corona
Hold a pool stick steady while at billiards you fold
Im intimately familiar with cold silver and gold
Slow show something lethal earths like resident evil
Knock your 20/20 vision to zero negative zero
While these people of the mist bear children of twilight
Rhymes move, faster than flash ran, or time flight
My minds spike like sea urchins, serpents now get impaled
Cross an nails, cause the greatest revenge was my betrayal

man somebody NEEDS to get RZA to release that old Holocaust material now! how can I contact him? im serious haha I gotta talk some sense into him lol
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