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Default yall know this is the ultimate

This rhymes the illest that i can do right now, but i'm preparing to do something better soon nigga. all i want to do is sum things up right about now >:]

these faggot satellite operators have to keep notes of me on a daily basis
draw charts and keep logs of me whether i'm rapping and dancing or make scary faces
they gotta keep up the good work or the boss will be mad
it's like odb said long ago, "keep being bad"

their orders are to pretend to be voices in the head
or to give me chest pain when i act out, which they dread
each day i heal some more and i expand
their grip loosens and they shout out "damn!"

these wiggaz sit behind a control system like its a video game
they fiend to turn up the knob that controls the chest pain
whenever i cross the line, itz pain time
they flip the switch, pump the volume up and high five the other guy and do the peace sign

they just won't stop even though i'm healing rapidly
i aint here wishfully thinking, i'm charging my battery
and boy do they hate when i expose their plan
the truth is i'm pretty much the next stage of evolution man

everybody in their office is a kind person on the surface
but its like they forgot why they were here and even their purpose

i said it before, but they going to hell
they imitate patterns of demons, but still they can't tell
that they opened up they mind to the devil
trying to take out this ill nigga, the rebel

these niggas takin' notes of my behaviour to show to they boss son


4:20 PM - outside smoking cigarette listening to Fear Factory and dancing while imagining flying on a magic carpet.

4:26 PM - we're running out of things to say to him and the chest pain is only getting him more wild and crazy!

Fear Factory - Archetype

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