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Originally Posted by $inista View Post
shit is fucking wack you failed try again
Let me re-try this shit for you my nigga.. maybe ill spell it out like a-b-c

* Part 1 - The Governments word
Hey you wanna get a job working for the Feds?
You can pretend to be a voice in someones head
Or in illiterate Scotland they call it a heed
You can be everything you want to be
We can't be stopped because A the masses are all asleep
and B out technology is so advanced, shits too deep (yeah right you primitive ape)

* Part 2 - My word

Ayo when i wear this red jacket i think i'm Optimus Prime
not the fag in that movie, he's frozen stiff as i'm droppin' this rhyme
For another 9/11 The government need me out the way
Your death will be one that pays
The government exiled me from society and thought i was done for
All i had to do was take a few drugs, and some more
Then reconnect with my higher-self, the universe and nature
Niggaz only concerned with the paper

Nigga i'm on the rise again
Surprise again
But niggaz only wanna rate me from 5 to 10
When i'm droppin' this rhyme
Classic cartoon characters were inspired by higher intelligence like Optimus Prime

Ayo the illuminati have had thousands of years to devise a plot
But they manipulate a government who lies alot
Jay-Z claimed creativity is a drug
is that because you don't know how to use your brain? you left-brained wack black thug

I like to practice Critical Thinking
Gay-Z the illuminati's ship is sinking and your soul is shrinking

The guys who mess with my head using satellites and shit
They know i've already won, but their orders say don't quit
Like i'm just magically going to go back down hill
I got to tell you, i got skill

Singlehandedly destroying the american and british governments like a robot
Niggaz know when i heal i'll flow hot
Dr Blake finds it hard to believe i didn't become ill
He thinks i'm a schizophrenic, but all i did was transform with skill (Jigga)
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