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Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
D. Projectile, you're a expert on the type of black men that all black women like? Get the fuck outta here. All black women don't like thugs. I love black women and i may eventually get a nice black woman. It's just gonna take me longer than i expected but that's cool and if i don't get a black woman, that's fine too. I got several of them when i was in Cleveland. I may go back there and look for a black woman.
thats good hope you find a dime.I aint saying they all like thugs but woman do want a firm man who wants a strong woman whos in control of everything from his emotions to his financial situation. A man who cease her and say look...this is what it is and is righteous and has direction.

a lot of black women are crying out for a man to put them in their place. in the right way of course
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