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Originally Posted by INF View Post
this shit was off the hook!!!!!

amazing wordplay and themes , everything vocal was WELL executed. My favorite was the track about the chick who is bangin some dude in the bathroom stall and then goes home to go to sleep just in time for her husband to get home. That track was an intense buildup and I predicted the outcome as it progressed.Awesome how you and Prime built that feeling because its some real shit and you captured the realness of it in a track , BIG UP!

Prime deserves props from ANYBODY fucking with the boards as far as the boards are truly concerned (mixing , mastering ,etc). You can bang this as loud as you want and it WONT distort. Thats a sign of a master of his craft. I have weak car speakers but can still pull a good sound and the whole sound of this EP was Flawless , I didnt even have to do anything but turn the volume all the way up and zone out. Seriously good job on the production!!!!

Def looking forward to anything else coming from yall.

PEACE and thanks for the Download.
Yo man, Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to it. It's very much appreciated, and this made my day!

Yeah I tried to master the songs to the point that clipping was pretty much impossible to happen. I guess it worked!

Peace man! and thank you for the love!
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