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Originally Posted by MosHigh View Post
my motives move the nation to search for something greater than themselves
but their arms are too short to sort through all of the shelves
i delve into texts and spied on all sects
intellects i wreck blows to egos cause upsets
i be Him with the gem not a monster like IBM
Mr. Smith can't win if in the artificial we don't depend
world notice the universal focus of the portents i preach
Apostle Paul standing tall against the gods of the Greek
Canon in hand i can easily refute you and all you spew
or annihilate every particle of your article and leave a quantum clue
nothing is ever new all there is will forever be
check the table periodically elements reveal the chemistry
mad scientist with a witty unpredictable flow
magnetic resonance couldn't image my glow from head to toe
professional...snipe rhymes to inflitrate ya mind
duel design that appears whimsical from time to time
metaphysically i grind from just a burst of sunshine
dirt, grit, and grime gravitate around the divine
the matter of my chatter causes the masses to intermingle
i'm so sublime lines will make your spidey sense tingle
MosHigh be the motto also the spirit twisted in the genes
stats match ya local lotto only a few will follow the theme
self-esteem i steam while burning bushes surrounds the scene
inbetween i swerve the word like a particle accelerator beam
sip the stream as i bring my Qi to the vicinity
for all to bare witness to the guinness and feel me....
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