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Big Baby Jesus 666
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Big Baby Jesus 666 shaolin monk

yeah niggaz

This is the genius mistaken for madness
Now you ask yourself who's style is the baddest?
i'm straight up crippling enemies, i'm right in ya face bitch
I throw a little bone and a whole pack starts to chase it
With my words of wisdom i remain strong
conducting a brainstorm, making the pain form
Run a mile forever, my style is terror
Trial and error and your the error
Imagine RZA on a scooter weave through traffic
I play a video game on a holographic projector with see-through graphics
Oh shit my multi's is ill but still ya too spiteful
My style goes viral, you start to spiral
out of control, ya soul travel the realms
You speak a modern day chapter or end up in hell

Oh yall wanting that new Powdered Toastman shit?
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