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Big Baby Jesus 666
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Big Baby Jesus 666 shaolin monk

for the illuminati to make another false flag event truely happen
they need me out the way, aka toastman to quit rappin'
they will forever fear Powdered Toastman the renegade
sippin' on some lemonade, tie you to a propeller blade
you see me wavin' gunz in bohemian grove
and i have my own demon to do my bidding just so you know
it's a pokemon battle and i'm fully focused
while illuminati faggots still readin' scriptures thats hopeless
the future is now and ya still livin' in the past, arent ya?
name another mc who can project spiderman into his own shadow and capture it on camera
It's time to meet the future with a greet and a handshake
All the best strains of cannabis come from big countries, they are a landrace
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