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Big Baby Jesus 666 shaolin monk

yo yo
this is just so you know that i know
listen up as i bless you with a flow
now i'm healed you're going to witness a blood spilling
i'll take these goverment thugs and give them a glorified killing
they have multiple satellites on me day and night
giving me voices and theres a demon, they both want to fight
all i can hope is dr roger blake isnt on their side
or else he'll witness the wrath of my powerful mind
and his family will be dressed in black and left standing
while he rots, i have more satellites on me than the legendary Bin Laden
the government knew i had gifts and they needed me out the way
Your death will be one that pays!

every time i leave my home i encounter synchronized events
does seeing '666' on a car license plate every time i leave the house annoy me? well that depends

Now why do the government need me out the way you ask, homes?
Because i'm ready to act not just talk shit like David Icke and Alex Jones
I am a God of War, i Raise my sword
And straight rip out your vocal chords

My demon turned on me the other day
Because i showed it how i was going to stop the government and their evil ways
the satellites can read my mind in real time
and voices comment on whatever i'm doing at that moment in time like typing this rhyme
they have no real power they are clones of evil
and their families are brainwashed people

when the rappers dissed me, demon invaded my mind
and coincidentally at the same time attacked by satellites
that wasnt hard, it was just a fun game to play or was it a fight
a few nights ago was a full moon and i saw 2 of the satellites (and waved)

i can retype these same rhymes in a massive number of ways
to the governments... your death will be one that pays
to all my fans listening deeply to my rhymes
think to yourself.. who else in the world is being attacked by teh government so rigourously at this point in time? (no one, they can't budge me)

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