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let’s raise Hip Hop from tha grave yo, I resurrect it ethereal from tha burial, tha plot thickens/
reincarnate tha track when Milo kissed it/
spazzin’, piercin’ flak jackets with mere words, spittin’ lines sniffed off cracked mirrors/
formidable youths are lead wrong ‘n’ fed malnutritious
commercialist formulated ignorance/
I brought scripted vitamin M to get in ya hypodermically/
I curb my want ‘n’ need like enthusiasm/
I spark a twisted Cuban looseleaf ‘n’ tell Lucy I’m home after madd years locked in tha Belly/
fuck a celly, they may tell on me ‘n’ cramp my steez/
I splash verbal ink out all these run-of-tha-mill rappers/
Johnny-come latelys, thought I saw him at Theo-Lacy but it was Wayside Super Max/
when I get out I need a righteous wiz so I could wax her ‘n’ we can grow ‘n’ build/
what I emote fills tha moat around tha castle of my dome…

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