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Twisted Science shaolin monk

MCs stay on alert, it’s tha man behind tha kerchief/
assert, I empty clips 1st to all these supposed questioners/
I lecture verbal conjectures, tha Earth swerves backwards till tha whip hits tha curb/
sniffin’ 8ths by tha gram off a bitch curves ‘n’ then she suck till my dick hurt/
wipe your lips, Science, tha mighty titan/
nickel-plated grammar I’m firin’/
call me tha God, Osirus/
gaze at my 3rd iris/
Milo spyin’ thirsty, 730/
this grown folks’ rap, so master your domain/
yo mang, I sprinkle fishscale cocaine while ya stank ass sniff Rogaine/ you grab dicks ‘n’ I stroke brains/
droves of y’all fags get ya swagger stabbed ‘n’ gotta use 2 fuckin’ canes to walk away from tha cipher/
y’all liars ain’t never been near random gun fire/
my Hip Hop holds tha sun for ransom, emasculate you MCs ‘n’ kick you in tha nuts so hard you feel it in your grandson/
razor sharp, double bladed guillotines ‘n’ scimitars/
I throw darts scripted, 3 strikes/
4-9-3-11, Twisted Science rollin’ with see-alikes/
tha Jesus Christ of MCin’, you get penalized for what you brought to tha prelims/
breath heavin’, hoes choke on tha penis/
yo bitch, deep throat tha verse/
collapsin’ lungs on my jokes, laughin’ as I bust my load/
taggon “Milo” as I snuff a rival MC, don’t lemme go in my rap bible…

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