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Twisted Science shaolin monk

penny for every thought, a mental billionaire/
smirks ‘n’ silly stares at your wack verse yo/
you ain’t prepared for tha Blue Eyed God/
visions of sackcloth, 5 venoms, 7 deadly sins with Sloth/
entombed in New Jerusalem calm, nosey archaeologists gather in throngs as pawns/
grave mistake/
Knolege sharp as clefs/
guesstimate, tha fake won’t be livin’ long/
emigrate to tha States confused ‘n’ encased in rage/
infused with hatred, patron of ancient ways/
raid Spain ‘n’ engrave “Adonai Yahweh” on walls of caves/
enthrall tha masses like 8 balls of glass, put on your glasses/
stall ‘n’ catch my breath/
tha Coke Apostle blesses thoughts that molest tha alphabet/
throw out sounds ‘n’ implant diphthongs with Timbs on, put Hip Hop on top of tha crest/
I flex sickened psalms that taunt nonchalant in any font, from tha 1st to tha last breath…
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