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Big Baby Jesus 666
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Big Baby Jesus 666 shaolin monk

what do you do if the whole World's turnin' to shit?
And nobody notices it, not even a bit?
Lucky for me i'm really a super hero
Even more powerful than the one Richard Bartlett could see Yo
The whole world's soul is shrinking and i'm the Shredder
The government want to take me down, but i'm tougher than leather (yeeeaah)

Imagine resurrecting Big Pun so he could smack Obamas wife
The western worlds governments all know i'll win this here fight
They have teamed up to try and stop a magical super hero, that's right
But they waited on purpose until i was ill, but that phase is over and i say that with delight

Now it's time for me to fight back
And yes, i do get signs so i always know i'm on the right track
In my last rhyme i summed it up well
But i forgot to tell you whenever i'm forced to watch tv, they will project a thought into my head and say it on the broadcast as well
They want it to seem like something thats not even possible
I know more about reality than faggot scientists and evil devil worshippers, Sean C, that's official

The universe is on my side and that's a fact
and you can't beat that with a stick or bat
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