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slaughterhouse is a frankenstein project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all 4 of these guys already FAILED their major label test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

joell ortiz had a deal with dre and mentally broke and QUIT like the spineless pussy he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

joe buddens was created by DEF JAM and they destroyed their creation after his debut FLOPPED... ONE AND DONE thrown in the gutter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! def jam invested more into joe buddens than any new artist they ever had... they shit on legends to give him that shot... when the smoke cleared they HATED him... they ICED him out and had him filling applications at radio stations looking for a gig as an on air personality (seriously)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love how these niggas all act like they were keeping shit real on the indy scene...

LOL @ niggas making club joints when theyre signed to AMALGAM DIGITAL... AN INTERNET LABEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL @ joe buddens single off his indy debut being a horrible attempt at a hit record featuring a nigga that EVISCERATED him on record and put the nail in his coffin as a solo artist


crooked i is a ZERO... been rapping for 25 years and he doesnt have ONE signature song or moment... 3,000 weekly freestyles and not one is memorable... no LP... just a bunch of trash mixtapes and wack EPs no one copped!!!!!!!!!!!!! he got whipped by suges niggas at death row and crawled out the back door... he was scared for his life...

royce is the best rapper of the bunch but hes a loser too... always ahs been... good rapper lousy artist... nigga was wearing a leather cowboy hat and rhine stone du rags in the BOOM video... hes been destroying himself for years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SHADY target audience is 12-14 year olds... so clear in the green screen vid with eminem doing goofy shit they think is funny... stroke face eminem wanted to kill himself and he couldnt do it.. now hes forced to sit in front of the camera and work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL @ tryin to market sluaghterhouse to kids that listen to biebs and think SHADY is GOAT

they already tried this... they have no identiy and no star power...

"were really good rappers"

that make really bad music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eminem is being held hostage by his pussy heart and interscope....

rosenburg and iovine got the faggot by the balls so he sits alone in his house SCARED mixing wack slaughterhouse records that are gonna FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL @ slaughterhouse thiknkin they made it when eminem fans think theyre the new D12

eminem should eat all the pills he has when this album drops cuz jimmy is gonna send goons to hobble him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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