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Originally Posted by $inista View Post
^... fire yo

Rapture each beast captured by these streets fracture each check wit 40 cal heat, how foul we teach wit da reach to each their own minds blown to dust wit chrome & such ruckus, no one can touch us lust guns we tuck & bust on dumb fucks who wanna fuss wit us, top treasurer if da cash doesn’t measure up apply pressure, mad aggressor ooowop & suppressor professor, suckas be sure to fess up, out of luck, my clever endeavors is like chess strategies when I address ya, more then just ya top contender yo oppressor, bring forth a great depression to yo investors

......Then take 50% off tha top like im Hannibal Lecter,slicen domes while i rap my poems,injest the prophecys nectare,this rhyme will self destruct in 10 seconds and mash an inspector,pull out that gadget,,sum call it ratchet and super soak wet ya,...wipe u off the readingz from government satellite dish,,, my mind switch and then shift flowz like a school of mutant puffer fish,then puff a spliff,KO mcz with the force of Tysonz mitts mixed with 1000 pounds of bricks and the touch of King Midus glint.

"We discourteous creatures, features of repetitive
feaster's,that pray on the opposite optical of logical people"
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