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Default Dope ass gangsta Rhyme

all my niggaz up in here put your hands in the air
punch a fucking nigga like you just aint scared
this nigga is so weak, this nigga is so weak
look at this nigga he's a muthafuckin' geek
niggaz in the government droppin here and there
niggaz droppin left and right, droppin' everywhere
nigga with a satellite, nigga couldnt batter mics
niggaz in the government, i bet they aint be actin' right

oh shit nigga throw you hands up in here
bust yo fuckin' gat to make the point clear
the motherfucking government are run by queers
the motherfucking government are runnin' in fear

all my niggaz send me weed, all my niggaz send me weed
and i'll be high in less than a week
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