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Big Baby Jesus 666
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Big Baby Jesus 666 shaolin monk

last night La-Cinderella tried to talk to me again
like after turning on me last week now we could just be friends
this morning i told the government thug putting the voice of mike g into my head
tonight you'll be fucking dead
i'm imagining Russia taking interest in me and my abilities
all i have to do is Finish the voice in my head with a Mortal Kombat Fatality
A Psychic killing is whats in order
I bet Barack Obama isnt ready for this slaughter
the Mike G Voice said "we're always 1 step ahead of you"
then makes it seem like he's smiling at me, fuck that fool

I'm here to reclaim my mind
then work for China and Russia developing secret chemicals that make your third eye blind
Fuck the western world, all i want is one thing indeed
I'll do anything to help Russia and China as long as i get to make funny music and smoke weed

I'm more powerful in my mind than that movie creep James Bond niggaz
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