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16 Bar Illiad

ill syntax kills tracks, 16 bar illiads get spat, wearin’ Gilligan hats / I throw curious darts furious that excavates thoughtwaves like Julius Octavius Caesareans / Aryan Syrian Bavarian Motor Works / it’s like word to mother Science is, there ain’t no other / supplies is limited like oxygen throughout the air / hold up, I post ‘n’ lamp cold like stares / I tear holes in your theology ‘cuz my philosophy’s remove those finger rings plus them fake-ass Wallabies / strongarm your verse ‘n’ splash thru your skirt, land you in a hearse / believe, you ain’t tha 1st / or last, Science, tha man, tha myth / while Twisted sharpens his sword, y’alls is playin’ with your mantits / check how all you faggots’ assholes dampened at my arrival / yo, check it, put all of Milo in your piehole…


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