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Originally Posted by RUSHING PLATYPUS View Post
So their first album was good? lol So you like their music? Not their talent but the actual songs they make? No you don't sir. Because the shit's wack. They even talk about SH's music being weak and disappointing on Budden's site you donkey raping shiteater!!
Yes and i bought the album on the day of the release. This is literally the only board on the net that thinks slaughterhouse is wack. Actually canibus' board too...but canibus fans lost all credibility long time ago. You cornballs just need to grow up. Even meth an joe are cool theres pics of them hanging out. Only u fans are still trying to prove sone point and it looks like yall cant sleep at night watching sh on the cover of the source, xxl mag, vibe etc. let it go man. U think their wack? Great. Its ur opinion but u sit here posting msgs to eachother like some obsesive girlfriends about slaughterhouse. Like it makes u look really suspect
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