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Default Freudian Clipz

Milo’s synonomous with Knolege like Telly Savalas is with a bald wig ‘n’ Dum-Dum lollipops / now who loves ya, baby? I escalate things ‘n’ never pity fools, call the A-Team but tuck your chain when ya see me, ‘n’ Roger that / Wilcox, Roger ‘n’ Zapp, I got a ill flow ‘n’ shade my grill under a Los Angeles Dodger hat / I ain’t your baby momma’s father, she still calls me daddy / crabs, I land rap uppercuts ‘n’ jabs / upperclass, y’all could never foul me, psychoactive Killah God / I smoke grass but not tha kind that cows eat / cause ‘n’ effected, conscientious objections / subjected to my verbal threats in so many words, what I’ve imbeded / in my own head, incessant irreverence piques my interest, my rap sheet is quite a paradoxical sentence / these paragraphs are indented by tha rap Christ / my Gnostic Hip Hop Gospel’s thought jotted to make y’all act righteous / Science hyphen Milo tha Giant, Goliath-type / analyze my sign of Gemni, chop tha rhyme ‘’n’ sniff it twice / Golden State Warrior, the orator, verbal scorcher / sharp as swords, the Art of War is strategy / Hip Hop coarses through my veins tangibly, burn tha midnight oil / I chop ‘n’ swipe in tha dark with tha pen until my hand bleeds / too many chefs make tha cake spoil / loyal with tha royal crest, it just reflects tha flesh / a hater behind editorials / rhetorical rhetoric, metaphorical swords slice tha 7 heads off tha Masonic president / caustic, acknowledge the symphonic prison resident / philharmonic apocolypse now, Viet Nam Thai stick, cough when I hit sloppy, hair-on makes you groggy / aqua with 360 kickflip nollies, Twisted walks from Christmas to Lent flippin’ lit New imp / my bars attack vicious, written arts ‘n’ crafts / Twisted, I scar tha track armed with paragraphs that my pen spit / by far I’m tha sickest, sicker than AIDS ‘n’ syphilis mixed with clamydia / my lineage, Science, tha literal literary Olympian clad in chainmail, Dickies ‘n’ Timberlands / on a whim, my wit empties chambers ‘n’ clips / tha most cantankerous ravin’ madd lunatic, heavy weight like 2 bricks / “A Clockwork Orange”, Stanley Kubrick, my ultraviolent tendencies / y’all can’t see me like ultraviolet shinin’ to reveal what you bitches’ hidin’ / lock tha safes, hide tha keys in their vaginas / divided we fall, we stay united / Science in tha red light district, migrants buyin’ packages with 28 grams in them / funny taste from when you smoke it, lain’ back on tha leather sofa, minds open like ginko biloba…
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