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I use euphemisms for expression of expletives as my coping mechanism yo, woe is me, spread tha wisdom / I’ve had visions, of sentences written by outcasts ‘n’ Christian dissidents about vocal gladiators in coliseums battlin’ holy rappers till they’re lifeless / Science attacks tracks with mics like pairs of lions tryin’ to figure out who be tha mightiest / it’s always decided that it be Miloek, a sovereign MC, with a Glock nine in his right pocket / I shoplift 16s, load ‘em in tha clips ‘n’ make tha semis spit / I cipher with hired henchmen, rhymin’ with other’s blood on my Timberlands / thuggish pens splash rugged rough drafts, I max out from verbal clashes / I spaz ‘n’ activate my raspy / when tha voice is heard, foreign formations of words are formulated into terms that make mic cords hurt / swipe silver swords at scores of minds / I align rap’s corpse with tha most violent portion of tha rhyme I submit / tha Flyest Shinin’ Sheistiest Sky Blue Iris Blue Eyed Bandit with tha transcendent physical, analyze tha analytical / I hit spliffs Waiting To Exhale verbal abuse when I rap at crews wearin’ a bubble goose / I’m so shrewd ‘n’ capricious I make theologins question the existence of Jesus, I bleed ink / accused of untrue phrases that threatened some beadie-eyed Chink bitch / please kid, I hold beamers to wigs money to get their money / Goddamn, I want a blunt quick…
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