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Twisted Science
Knolege Gawd Cyphah
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Twisted Science shaolin monk

I cipher at synagogues in verbal bravado / vibrato, Science devises semi-auto thoughts sharp, dual-edged bars / I flip bars, the art of fact, splash holes thru your Starter jack / cut off your neurotrans like strokes ‘n’ heart attacks / mentally, I’ll burn you in effigy, non compos mentis / psychoanalysts schedule me as Class 1 Narcotics / mucho psychotic, your verse is glucose ‘n’ sausage / Knolege God Cyphah’s lauded while you receive the opposite / trapped in tha bing, how juke caught me/ call me Yacub ‘cuz I’m a ill Twisted Scientist, Judaic Tribesman / Yeshua ben-Yosef idolatry’s atrocious yet I digress ‘n’ disect any ‘n’ all contenders treacherous / bevies of you MCs wear Gretzkies round yo’ necks / reach out ‘n’ touch sons, my verbal threats shed light to tha blind ‘n’ deaf / vocals still vibrato, no bull like Sammy Gravano / they’ll find you choked up with your cock in your throat / crimson on your Timbos, darts flung at tha temple / code Morsed toward post-birth aborted corpses forced centrifugal / rhymes is chiseled, you might as well resign like 10 Tribes scattered thru Europe ‘n’ Science is a Hip Hop purist / furious subversive dissertations attack lay persons, pull out their tracheas, now how ‘bout that much? you crabs can’t fuck with tha God / cause n effect, Science got a calcified pineal next to his pituitary gland / twist a personal blunt off a gram which ignites Blunted Stanzas / tha House of Abraham, tha House of Flying Daggers / Science, tha Caucasoid God Body / all up on tha mange moi, I disassociate from faggots
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