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my 9’s 6 inches long, married to Babylon / bitches skeet when they hear me on tha song, grimy, I floss my teeth with thongs / jaws of life clutch on tha mic, I snuff lines I write / come up out tha pocket or you’re gonna die tonight / live, I ignite, look at I n I, tha rap Christ / destructive rough draft roughage, tha ruckus I craft hands concussions to you muthafuckers / verbal agrushion, I mean aggression tech nine’s your musket ‘n’ burns your English muffin / toast your strudel, I blow meth, look at my pupils / dilated, Science blue iris resembles tha noon sky ‘n’ diamond jewels heisted / Twisted Sheisty maniacally rocks a mic device like trysts with coworkers that got big tits ‘n’ I coersed her to suck a dick / then lemme ram her bun with my burger, all without takin’ off her skirt / fly words swerve when I flex, my voice cracks your ribcage / tell me, can you feel your life dissipate?
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