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thoughts remain strange when they vacate the area / mosquitos spread malaria, check your libido between Normandie ‘n’ Western off Pico / Greco-Roman wrestlers wrestle testicles ‘n’ penis ‘n’ give each other Olympic medals / formed from precious metals, tha Cold War was never settled / neuclaics, fakes be playin that gay shit, dressin’ like geishas / given’ each other AIDS ‘n’ you bi-sexuals gave it to innocent women after you sleep with punks in prison / crunchy chumps, can’t keep it in your pantses / keep it in your hands ‘n’ out another man’s ass / pitch or catch, you still a faggot / touchy-feely MCs, Frank Ocean Drake, R ‘n’ B homos aka commercialists, stay away from tha fuckin’ dojo…
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