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Originally Posted by $inista View Post
my speech is tight compressed euphoric light reflecting back through madness cracking black magic caskets I represent the balance between malice & benevolence breaking bad my intelligence & arrogance studied the mathematics & science defiant defend mine with violence in actions of riots of my compassion conquered my demons with passion for life my reaction ignite the soul to shine through the darkest might I once embraced misplaced & outcast I made my own way, now my words hold they own weight with truth & valor no gimmicks just raw intuition for you children to listen its pure wisdom

.....My flows synergism,a gift from extra planetary stellar solar-system,
redesign music with rhymes in a diabolical skepticism,causing cataclysmic energy prism prisons that incarcerate your religious visions,Tha God concepts been swept from the mind of most that glisten,shape shift ya fate with a machete blade,,,golden plate,....and watch the snakes try to work the blubber out ya face,I come from a place ud find in dreams,,,Im what nightmares need to survive inside u useless beings....inflict dark art passage the door is a casket....enter the chamber of 36 masochistic savage spit Masters,so pick a the fuck u gonna freestyle when im enslaving ya steez,depraving the illest mcz of the title for biggest beast,one fuckin trigga squeeze,is all ES needz to skip a beat.

"We discourteous creatures, features of repetitive
feaster's,that pray on the opposite optical of logical people"
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