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^why is that thread worthy though? numbers haven't been good since 2006. i mean who is actually doing numbers now days? rick ross is one of the biggest artists out right now and hes a gold-selling artist. not platinum, GOLD. come on man. dont make this a numbers thing. if this is a hiphop board then you should know that numbers dont equate tallent. vakill probably never sold more then 5k in a week, does that make him wack? you guys make fun of slaughterhouse for doing 19k independently on Koch with only 75k albums pressed total, but you didnt mention ghostface doing 13k on def jam. matter a fact, his album before that only topped off at like 60k total. dont talk numbers man. especially not with me. im an economist, numbers are my thing.

Originally Posted by DR. NICK RIVIERA View Post
what is your problem, dude. people here just don't like slaughterhouse
if that was the case i wouldnt bother annoying anyone (p.s. im having fun). thats not the case though. people here dislike slaughterhouse members, not slaughterhouse the artists. and 95% of the time their dislike towards slaughterhouse the artists is biased of of their dislike of the members themselves. just read the comments. look no further then this very thread. a large number of the comments arent even comments. they are pictures that are in some way shape or form supposed to be insultingly funny...go on, flip through the pages and tell me if im wrong.
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