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my threats resonate, you can’t equate to me / Knolege, disturb your solace with deposits of savory thoughts / at tha bakery with God servin’ half-baked bacon to Satan whom needs permission / wombs skeet from my perdition, drippin’ / all you pussies is soaked ‘n’ in addition I receive acquisition of ya chain that’s only plated in gold / Olympic verblist, dictator diction, Science al-Sayyid leaves tha engineer cryin’ ‘n’ havin’ dryheaves / swallow your bile, acid reflux / smile when tha pistol squeeze my litanies ‘n’ splash my foes with epiphanies / submit to tha jooks / I spit verses that fuck hooks with 1 look/ vernacular Kama Sutra, idiosyncratic mathematics keep you faggots lubed up / surge insertion, broke your cervix / I mix interracial like Batman ‘n’ Eartha Kitt, sistahs attracted back at my Caucasoid flat-ass / tha Caucasus God Body, the opposite of docile / dossiers with semi-gloss graphic 4-by-6s of chickenheads in various suggestive positions/ exhibit my propensity to lick a vagina / yo palabra, fuck these hinas with dicks that want it up in they ca-ca…

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