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A-alikes to see-alikes, creed astral travel at tha speed of life / heed tha wisdom of tha wise/ faggots grab it when they pattin’ down tha penis size / out of habit I reacted now I’m stickin’ pens like tha side of a cactus / 9 planets revolve sun, yo son, what I wrote’s tha highest rung / when Science blow up rap, crabs get my name scribed on they right lung / papis’ autopsies show me injections of Oxy Codeine, ironpalms explode, call ‘em rosie / cat got okee doked for his stash, tha average dopefiend, never kept his nose clean / most of these fit tha stereotype, but pick tha wrong area, you’ll end up deader than malaria infections / obsessive at how I’m 1 of tha walkin’ dead / on threads without needles, cloudy thoughts break tha 7th Seal / elective eclectic, 730 tattooed on tha left side of my neck / from L. A. to Bed-Stuy, my hands move faster than your retinas /aggression dominant how Twisted’s prominent recessive / restive, I script flame while all you MCs is tepid / executive functions order disorder, my vocal sword slaughters Obama’s daughter when she’s grown up / yo, Babylons broke my nose a week ago as of recent, life in tha bing ain’t no joke, I ain’t even allowed to use tha phone / I never leave tha truth at home ‘cuz truth sets a God free
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