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when tha bough breaks, I allocate what makes crowdsí palates salivate / tha Most Callous Pallid makes tha fake afraid / call me Mic Controller, haterade, tha Crime Ayatollah / snort this rhyme - itís like Peruvian flake / turn up your heariní aids / here, hereís a spear tainted with AIDS - like phrases that desecrate / after I came yo, itís like you been raped / see tha God in human shape activate rapient vocal flame / never augment tha flesh like Jenna James / fuck a vest kid, what you gonna sport to keep your brain protected? 4-9-3-11s all up In your section / answer questions to put that Sphynxes nose back / roam tha land as an American Iconoclast, East West, slash with Randy Jackson Ryan Seacrest / recessive genes with more street cred than Kanye West / indoctrinated with Yahweh so Iím blestÖ

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