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law-abiding citizen, jaws of life’s required to free your mind / Twisted assaults participants that got perty mouths like “Deliverence” / crowds arouse 730, lookin’ like Cleopatra Jones slamdancin’ with Hercules / bones laced with mercury stay aflame, sulfuric acid’s aimed out tha turret furious / a Hip Hop purist, verbal muralist, still trippin’ off tha Purple Tape / subdural epidural life fluid accumulated / stay tuned, my muse is hate from tha U.K. to United Slaves ‘n’ my T.A.B.E. is 12-9 / tha rhyme zealot, crime felon since tha time of Helen of Troy/ my intellect does not abate tha fact that I’m paranoid / build tha real to destroy tha fake, artificial MCs I authenticate, Knolege God authors rage with grace immaculate, concepts scholared scholastic/ tha vocal tabernacle harmonize 6 centimeter gashes…

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