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Smokes, it's like this,

The majority of people in most Abrahamic religions have no idea what the essence, ESSENCE, of the teachings are. Most are just determined to tell other people what they believe is right and wrong. So you have a clash of egos and opinions. I used to BE one of those people who fit this bill. There's an old principle though and it's laid down in a few texts, Abrahamic and otherwise, that simply states, "Live and let live." You could look at the principle of The Yin and Yang, greatly misunderstood by many, that teaches, all things exist within their opposites and all seasons have their rise and fall. It's a never-ending ebb and flow. True harmony lies in riding the wave, not resisting it. Does this mean go along with whatever comes along? Of course not, more like never forgetting who YOU are in the midst of the madness.

You'll see a lot of arrogance, false prophets, doomsday sayers, saviors and all around morons who wear the guise of wisdom and rightesousness, but if you know what to look for, what to feel for even, you'll know who's who and let them be. All of us are here for a reason, even the douchebags. I think the most beneficial interpretation of Jesus' (upon whom be Peace) saying, "Love thy enemy" is this; Without an enemy, an opposing force to test you, to rouse you, you never know your full capabilities. Not just in attack and defense, but in patience and perseverance. Tolerance. Etc.

It's like Wesley Snipes' character Simon Phoenix said in Demolition Man, "You can't take away people's right to be assholes." Learn to accept it and do you. Sometimes I'll respond to a thread and forget all about it. Why? Because I've said my piece and there's no need to continue further. I don't waste time in petty spats with people who will most likely be just as dumb after I finish speaking as they were before I started. That taxes energy and energy is VITAL to life itself. So is your state of mind. All of these things directly affect one's health. Imagine the inner physical and spiritual turmoil of someone who continuously returns to a disagreement just for the sake of proving a point! Much less the ones who do it because they ENJOY it!

If you see something that you think should be addressed, by all means son, address it. But let that be it. Leave your mark and forget you left it. But let your intention be to make the best mark possible. Study T'ai Chi principle. Even if you never study the actual art, study the principles. More than just an exercise, the reason why this particular style is so powerful, is because it takes what is already given and simply makes a very soft change in the circumstances. A palm will always be more effective than a fist, simply because it moves faster and the motion is more fluid. Take that with you b.

Finally, the people who will make it their business to seek you out for no other reason than to be a pain, first, appreciate the fact that you're obviously important and effective. Being anyone's opponent for what you percieve to be no reason, means that you're important enough to be attacked. Second, remember the principles stated above. Usually, the best way to take care of those mosquitos is to ignore them or smash them. Smashing them would be, in the case of the forum, saying what you have to say and dropping it. Letting them know that A: Unlike them, you're not a slave to your ego and B: They're not important enough for you to look into their responses.

"Die before you die."-Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)
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