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purvey tha way I sway tha mic when I survey ‘n’ spray at night or day / AKs or rhymes, tha last time of days / dig in tha crates poignant, I pen tha line then alterate tha stick as buttons is pressed, shots is hoisted / I hear voices from tha dead, 1 day I’ll join them, but as of yet I stay blessed within tha physical flesh, dressed in camoflauge / stabbin’ all applicants, wilder than stallions / stay in tha lab to laugh off tha pain, I spaz / fuck you cats, I’ll strangle you with your own chains, hangin’ from your medallions heated up to leave a mark on your face / Mark of tha Beast, 16 bars / all you kitties is straight infected with yeast / now we know where that funk was comin’ from / beat kicks, weed hits ‘n’ socialist views like a pre-hippie beatnik, that’s Twisted Science to a tee / except I’m in actuality a Libertarian-esque MC / more guns, less government ‘n’ lyricism is my liberty…
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