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dilute your innocence when I spit, hypnotist hypnotizer / off script I ignite fires when tha God spit/ pull in tha drawbridge, Lancelot thought cavalier / lampin’ in Lebanon with God, bit off half his ear/ these crabs rap garbage text ‘n’ all should sport braziers / Gillette threats castrate you fakes, for this it takes years / swervin’ through tha burbs in a Suburban, workin’ this urban chick to let me get beneath her surface ‘n’ be of service / subversive words get exerted when I purse my lips / the absurdities of Earth, I take it past tha next level / snatch tha purse to remain on schedule / my cannabis is medical at 1st, tha pain worsens, pay off tha average jurist / to which master’s you a servant? my domain’s of free reign, take tha CD out tha case ‘n’ I breathe flame / Smirnoff ‘n’ weed heal my painstakin’ vocal mosaic / I grope fact while Rozay’s a former CO ‘n’ can’t change it / layin’ back on tha throne on tha dais, droves of wack MCs approach to see how God made it / from scratch, navigated nuclear attacks from Uncle Sam to Japs yo, now that cute Nip is on my lap…

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