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Default Re: need critizicm

its funny how i b chillin down to the spine/
then a thought pops to my head, a new line/
dam that shit it ill, gotta get this down then im chill/
im thinkin im good for the day, but im feelin that feelin in me still/
got this flow in me thats gettin ready to spill/
its like sweatin on a cold hill/
its hot, but dont feel rite, gotta go against ma will/
puttin up the beat and im gettin ready to kill/
dam i got to make that mil/
i need that cake n im waitin/
got to finish this track that im rapin/
sittin in front of ma computer go back and forth pacin/
nah that word dont work lemme try another/
got that jay-z flow in me but im not bitin off ma brother/
hit that rite line and its smooth like butter/
got deadly multies and im wet so i stay cool in the summer/
only a few bars and runnin but ima quik muther fucker/
dam this beat in my head not workin wit my flo/
fuck it, it was just some lines i wanted to show/
i dont care wut none of ya think, im sick and i know/
wen i get heated i can take ne body wit the words that i blow/
u still thinkin u got skils above me, then dont/
cuz its a long fall from the top even if its slow/
"i got drug spots from NY to Canada/
cuz Big L b fuckin wit more keys then a janita/"
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